Fallout 76 Alien Event Is Live Now Until May 10th

Fallout 76 Brings Back New & Improved Alien Event for Limited Time

Fallout 76 devs recently announced to the gaming public that alien ships have arrived on Appalachian land. This special alien event is live now through May 10th. When players log on, they will be able to find UFOs flying across the skies.

The arrival of aliens is the replacement for Fallout 76’s ongoing Meat Week event. They will leave it on their shelves, especially after multiple complaints from the gaming community. Apparently, they missed some of the event rewards that they should have received.

fallout 76 alien event live now until may 10th

Bethesda released Fallout 76 back in 2018. At the time, its launch was associated with a lot of controversy. However, devs promised the Fallout community that they will continue to support the game. They have been able to keep this promise with their consistent updates over the last three and a half years.

Now, the franchise’s newest event will include the return of a fan-favorite element for a limited time. Aliens have been a popular side story in previous installments. This time, however, the event is bringing new enemies and cosmetics.

Knowing that aliens are a common favorite among fans, devs have always teased the community with the event’s return. Last year, they hinted in a content road map that Fallout 76 will feature the return of aliens at some point. 

According to multiple reports, this new event is just the first of a long list of content that devs are going to add over the next several years. This includes new locations such as The Pitt from Fallout 3, as well as the return of Nuka-World some time later this year. They had already confirmed that they have a 5-year plan for the game already. With that said, fans can expect the game to continue on its positive upward trend and silence the franchise’s multiple critics.

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