John Romero, DOOM II Co-Creator, Releases New Level for Ukraine

First Level Since 1994 

For the first time since 1994, John Romero has given DOOM II fans a new level. The level is a product to provide support to Ukraine. 100% of the proceeds from the level will go to Red Cross and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund. A tweet from Romero provides a statement about the new level. 


The new level is available on Romero’s website for around $7. The level, whose title is, One Humanity is the first DOOM II level in 28 years and features all of the DOOM graphics and nostalgia fans remember. Importantly, in order to play the level, players must have an original copy of DOOM II as well as a modern source port for the game. 

“There were no costs associated with this. 100% of every cent is going to the relief agencies. So, revenue == proceeds.” Says Romero in a response to a Twitter comment saying how great it would be for 100% of the revenue to go Ukraine. 

Equally important to note, the new DOOM II level is the latest in the video game world’s show of support for the ongoing war in Ukraine. For instance, last week Polish studio 11 Bit Studios made an initiative with their own game, This War of Mine. Romero’s new level comes as the Russian Invasion of Ukraine continues to intensify.