11 Bit Studios, This War of Mine Developer, Donating to Ukrainian Fund

A Statement. A Message. 

Video games are often an escape from the troubles of our own reality. However, the companies that make games also understand the importance of video games as an art form and that they can help our world. Polish game developer 11 Bit Studios seems to be very aware of this pledging to donate all proceeds from their narrative game, This War of Mine, to the Ukrainian Red Cross following the launch of the Russian invasion. A twitter post from 11 Bit Studios provides details on the studio’s stance. 


The Studio’s narrative game, This War of Mine, is a brutally poetic take on war from the civilian perspective. The game places the player in the role of a survivor. While a war wages around the player they must do whatever it takes to survive. Additionally, you are playing as civilians with no military training. The game isn’t like most war games, rather, it aims to show the horrors of war from an often unseen perspective. 

“Let this message resonate with everything you know about this war and how war kills people…” Says the statement by 11 Bit Studios. 

For the next seven days 11 Bit Studios is donating all profits from This War of Mine, and its DLC’s, to the Ukrainian Red Cross. Currently, This War of Mine is 75% off on Steam and costs just $5.49. 11 Bit Studios is one of many studios who are donating funds to the Ukraine.