Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream Out Today NA

A Mysterious Tale 

Return to the dream world of Erde Wiege. Developer GUST Studios’ new JRPG, Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream, is out today across North America. A press release about the game provides details about the storyline. In addition the press release also discusses the changes that come with this sequel to 2015’s Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book. 

Atelier Sophie 2

The game places players in control of Sophie as she searches for her best friend Plachta in a strange new world. As players progress through the world they will meet a whole cast of new characters some of whom will jump at the chance to help you in your search. However this new world is not without its challenges. As you explore the vast world of Erde Wiege you will find a variety of creatures, hostile, and ready to attack. So, it’s up to the player to discover the mystery of this new world and find their friend while surviving long enough to accomplish this task. 

Atelier Sophie 2 brings a whole host of new features to the series. From new material gathering spots, called Major Gathering Spots, to new crafting systems. Furthermore the game introduces a whole new combat system. For the first time the game features a battle system with no loading times or separate screens. 

Additionally the new launch trailer for the game gives players a glimpse at all of the new features.

Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream is out now. Of course, the game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. So, are you ready to explore a new world?