Time on Frog Island, Puzzle Sandbox, Hits Steam Summer 2022

A Froggy Adventure 

A change of name doesn’t change the game. Developer Half Past Yellow have announced that their puzzle sandbox game Time on Frog Island (previously Trading Time: a Croak Tale) is sailing for Steam this summer. A press release gives more info about the features of the game. Additionally, a new gameplay trailer gives fans a look at the art style, gameplay, and how elements like puzzles and exploring make the game. 

Time on Frog Island Coming this summer

Time on Frog island is about a sailor who becomes shipwrecked on a mysterious island after a storm. The sailor, the player character, needs to try to fix his boat and get home. However, there is one small problem. The locals. This island’s inhabitants are strange frog-like people who don’t speak the sailor’s language and they aren’t about to give him what he needs to fix his ship without a trade. So, you will need to help out the frogs, trade, do favors and more to get the items you need. 

Importantly, Time on Frog Island is a sandbox game. You, as the player, are able to adventure as you please. You can fish, farm, and help out people you meet on the island. Experiment with new items, find new ways to traverse the island and more. Furthermore, the gameplay trailer shows off all of these sorts of features while giving fans a glimpse at the art style. 

Time on Frog Island will be available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One/X/S, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC. Additionally physical copies will be made for all consoles but digitally for every platform. It is set for release this summer. It’s time to make some froggy friends.