Tell Me Your Story Is Coming to Switch and Steam This Month

Join the Adventure in Tell Me Your Story

The award-winning video game developer and publisher RedDeer.Games is thrilled to announce the release date for Tell Me Your Story. The game will be coming out on Nintendo Switch and Steam on 26 April 2024. So, get ready for an adventure of a precious intergenerational bond filled with memories, mysteries, and logical puzzles.

Tell Me Your Story

Tell Me Your Story is a cozy narrative-driven puzzle game that will take its players on a wholesome journey down memory lane. It follows the story of Amelia, a young girl, and her loyal best friend Peanut. They visit her Grandmother Rose’s cottage during summer vacation to help her tidy up her place.

Oh wait, Rose is not an ordinary grandma, she was once an adventurer who traveled around the globe. And her home is full of wondrous items, each with different stories to tell. While helping Rose unpack her things, Amelia comes across her diary. As an imaginative girl, she embarks on an adventure through her grandmother’s memories. She must solve a variety of puzzles, that will help discover the beauty in Rose’s hidden past.

The exciting part is that these adventures take place in different historical sites all around the globe. Discover Asia, Europe, and the Amazon rainforest and feel like a child again. All the while listening to grandmother’s colorful stories alongside Amelia and the adorable corgi doggie.

This game explores the beauty in family relationships and finding the gap between two generations, masterfully illustrated in beautiful hand-drawn scenes. If you are looking for a wholesome game, you should not miss out on this one. Moreover, a free demo is already available on PC for everyone to try out before its official release.