Tell Me Your Story Demo Is Out Now on Steam

Tell Me Your Story Will Melt Your Heart

Prepare yourself for a nostalgic journey through the memory lane. The indie game developer and publisher RedDeer.Games just released the free demo version of their upcoming title Tell Me Your Story on Steam. Moreover, the game will be coming out on Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2024, so, keep an eye out.

This version will allow players to experience the beginning of Amelia’s adventure. Along with, her dog Peanut. she arrives at her grandmother’s house and helps her with the chores. Amidst this busy schedule, she stumbles upon a diary. After that, she embarks on her first trip through her grandmother’s memories, which is at the Amazon Jungle.

Tell Me Your Story

Tell Me Your Story is a story-driven cozy puzzle game that evokes nostalgic memories with grandparents or loved ones. The narrative centers around a young girl named Amelia, her pet Peanut, and their visit to Grandmother Rose’s cottage during summer vacation. Rose is just not an ordinary grandmother. Her house is full of wonderful items and there are many interesting stories behind them.

While helping Rose unpack her things, Amelia comes across her diary and as an imaginative girl, she embarks on an adventure through Rose’s memories. She must solve a variety of puzzles, that will help discover the beauty in Rose’s hidden past.

The adventure takes place in different historical sites all around the globe as well. Most importantly, the story is all about family relationships and finding the gap between two generations, masterfully illustrated in beautiful hand-drawn scenes.

Key features:

– Over 70 different types of riddles, separated into four chapters
– A heartwarming story about the family bond
– A corgi dog – Peanut
– Minimalistic cozy graphic design
– Wonderful OST, to smooth your gameplay experience