RedDeer.Games Announces Last Month of Indie Spring Spree

The Thrilling Conclusion 

Every shopping spree comes to an end. Even great indie game sales like the one RedDeer.Games have been celebrating for the past two months. Today, RedDeer.Games are happy to announce the lineup of titles coming for the last month of their Indie Spring Spree sale of games. Signaling the end of the sale, June will include four new titles ranging in genre and style. A press release provides more details on three of the titles coming in June. Of course, a press release provides details on the games. 


The Indie Spring Spree invites players to try games from across genres and art styles. Of course, this means they range from adventure games, puzzlers, retro shooters, and more. The final month of the spree is bringing four new games that continue this trend. Importantly, the opening release of the month allows players to step into the pixel sci-fi world of 7Horizons. The game introduces players to a sci-fi adventure that pits players against dangerous and mysterious villain on a quest to save the planet Mesalia.

Of course, this is only the first title players can look forward to. The month of June is bringing three more games. The first two of which have been revealed. In addition to 7Horizons, players can also look forward to a relaxing simulator game Dogotchi where they can take care of puppies. Furthermore, gamers will also be able to check out the retro bullet hell game, Cave of Past Sorrow. 

The RedDeer.Games Indie Spring Spree is on now and for the month of June.  Importantly, players can find the games at the Nintendo E-Shop