RedDeer.Games Announces Titles for Indie Spring Spree Event

A Spree of Great Games 

It’s a great time when indie titles get the spotlight. Especially when those indie titles are up-and-coming games. Today, RedDeer.Games are happy to announce some of the titles coming to their May Indie Spring Spree. Every Friday for the next two months the studio will release a new indie title for the Nintendo Switch. Of course, the titles will all appear in the  Nintendo Switch eShop. A press release provides more details on some of the games coming with the Indie Spring Spree. Additionally, a short trailer gives fans a look at what’s to come. 


Importantly, the games arriving at RedDeer.Games’ Spring Spree cross multiple genres and gameplay types. For instance, each game will have its own distinct genre, story, and art style that makes it unique. The opening release of May is a retro-style 1-bit adventure titled Tiny Dragon StoryThis game invites players to play as a little dragon aiming to reclaim his treasure from a wizard. 

However, this game is far from the only title arriving with the event. Players can also look forward to a dystopian RPG, For a Vast Future, where the only hope lies with a band of outlaws. Or, if puzzles are more your style, players can check out Mechanic 8320. This game, coming out May 19th, is a sci-fi point-and-click puzzle adventure game. Of course, players can get a look at these titles in the new trailer for the event. Check it out below. 

The RedDeer.Games Indie Spring Spree is on now and for the next two months. Importantly, players can find the games at the Nintendo E-Shop