Dredge Developer Outlines DLC Plans For This Year

Free Updates? In This Economy?

Last month, Dredge did some serious numbers on Twitch. The lovecraftian-inspired fishing game has a lot of gamers HOOKED. Strong, creepy atmosphere plus the fishing and treasure hunting keep them coming back. Over the next few months, Black Salt Games is adding even more.

On PlayStation Blog, the developers teased out the next few updates. Some will be free and there will be a paid DLC pack toward the end of the year. In Q2, which is the Q were are in now, will have two updates. The first update will add Map Markers to the game. This will allow players to mark areas of the map for various reasons. If there is something particularly dangerous, you can make sure to highlight it.


The second update this quarter for Dredge, will add a Photo Mode. You will be able to use the photo mode to take pictures of more wildlife, which will also be included in this update. This will also add a Passive Mode, which will make for a “less intense experience”, where aggressive creatures will not attack.

Next quarter, the Boat Paint update will launch. This will include unlockable paint jobs and flags you can customize your boat with. Finally, there will be a paid DLC pack before the end of 2023. Black Salt Games says it will revolve around the Ironhaven Corporation and their mysterious goals.

More information on the coming updates will be released at a later time. Dredge is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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