Dredge: New Update Details

Dredge Comes With Another Free Update Including New Boat Customization and More

Black Salt Games and Team17 Digital have unveiled the third free update for their award-winning game DREDGE. This update, available across all platforms, brings boat customization and creepy crustaceans to the sinister fishing adventure.

In this thrilling expansion, players can now customize their vessels by selecting flags and giving their boats a fresh coat of paint. The new ‘Painter’ character, located in the game’s starting area, is the go-to for these customizations. As players sail the seas in search of 13 new crab-like creatures, they’ll also stumble upon items to enhance their trawlers. Capturing these eerie crustaceans unlocks further customization possibilities.

The update was accompanied by a trailer showcasing all of its new features. Watch it here:

Dredge, already known for its intriguing storyline, invites players to captain a fishing trawler across remote islands. Each island harbours unique inhabitants, wildlife, and untold tales. The update also introduces a camera for the Photo Mode, allowing players to unravel more of the game’s mysteries.

Furthermore, players can delve into deep-sea exploration, researching special equipment, and upgrading their boats for rare fish and valuable curios. Selling discoveries to locals provides insights into each area and aids in boat upgrades for accessing secluded locations.


As day turns to night on the treacherous waters, players must strengthen their minds and utilize their abilities to survive the unknown horrors lurking beneath the surface.

Dredge continues to captivate gamers with its ever-expanding world and eerie marine discoveries.