Corpse Keeper: New Thrilling Content Update

Corpse Keeper New Content Update Offers Thrilling New Activities

In a thrilling update, Corpse Keeper, the gothic roguelite, unleashes new content today on Steam Early Access. Developed by Melancholia Studio and published by Thermite Games, this expansion introduces fresh warriors, mechanics, and challenges.

The ongoing battle in the cursed city of Lenste intensifies, with three new warriors joining the fray. Face off against the Felony Prisoner, the Vagrant Knight, or the Holy Mother Abbess, each offering unique abilities.

For those seeking more formidable trials, the Level 4 Difficulty mode awaits. Explore altered decay mechanics, cleanse the cursed army, and restore the dimming Soul Crystals, but beware of emboldened foes, including the unpredictable Crazy Knight.

Corpse Keeper

With over 30 different condemned souls at your disposal, command an undead army against the demon of Lenste. Employ necromancy spells, slow decay with preservatives, or bolster your ranks with defeated enemies.

Engage in combat across six eerie environments, collect new gear, and adapt your tactics in this challenging expansion. Corpse Keeper’s Producer, HC Li, expressed gratitude to the community for their input, shaping this thrilling update.

Corpse Keeper is available on Steam Early Access and Epic Games Store, offering an immersive experience in multiple languages at $19.99 USD / €19.50.

Dive into this exciting new content update now!