Corpse Keeper Rises From the Dead In February

Necromancy is An Artform 

Prepare to summon and send forth an army of undead to do your bidding. Form your team. Send them forth. Defeat your enemies. Today, developer Melancholia Studio and publisher Thermite Games are happy to unveil the release date for their strategy roguelike, Corpse Keeper. Releasing on February 15th, into Early Access, Corpse Keeper invites players to mess around with the dark arts and craft an army worthy of combat. Of course, this army may be dead but, that’s the point. A press release delves into the specifics on the game. Additionally, fans can check out the early access launch trailer for a better look at the game. 

Corpse Keeper

Corpse Keeper allows players to play the role of Necromancer. In an attempt to overthrow the demon lord of the lands, players must craft the perfect team of warriors. Of course, every warrior is different and can fulfill different roles in your army. Players can manipulate corpses to develop different characters. For instance, discover Grave Keepers, Knights, Plague Doctors, and Assassins, each with distinct movesets and traits. Importantly, each of these characters will begin to decay while exploring. Collect the remnants of defeated enemies in order to preserve your corpses and continue the fight. 

Furthermore, players can witness each of these characters in full 3D battles. Taking inspiration from fighting games, Corpse Keeper displays dynamic fully fleshed out fights. Check out the launch trailer for a look at these corpse conflicts. 

Corpse Keeper is releasing to Steam Early Access on February 15th, 2023. It will be available for $19.99 at launch. Good luck Necromancer.