Nobody Saves The World Celebrates One Year With Update

Time to Celebrate 

It’s time to step into the next adventure if your up for it that is. If you have a ticket, and you have the guts, enter into Magic Jimmy’s Impossible Dungeon. Today, Drinkbox Studios is happy to be celebrating one year of their action RPG, Nobody Saves The World. In celebration the game now features a new update, aptly titled the “Impossible Dungeon Update”, focusing on a new endless dungeon. A press release provides more details on the update. Additionally, players can check out a brand new trailer that shows off the update in all of its glory. 

Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves the World is an action RPG with a huge amount of versatility. From mix-and-matching abilities and skills, to even different forms of characters. Of course, one of the gameplay aspects is exploring shape-shifting dungeons on a quest to stop a great calamity. Importantly this is where the update comes in. The Impossible Dungeon update introduces players to Magic Jimmy’s Impossible Dungeon. 

Found in the Alchemist’s Gorge area the Impossible Dungeon allows players to test their skills on several floors of increasingly tough combat challenges. Yet, that’s not all. The challenges are all a race against the clock, where players must try to clear challenges as fast as possible. Of course, this makes the Impossible Dungeon perfect for players looking to test forms and builds. Check out the trailer for the dungeon below. 

Nobody Saves the World is currently available on Steam, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. So, will you jump into the dungeon?