Dredge Shatters Internal Expectations With Over 1 Million Sales

It Is a Huge Milestone for Dredge

Black Salt Games’s awesome fishing adventure game Dredge has sold over 1 million copies worldwide since its launch in March 2023. During an interview at PAX Australia, the producer Nadia Thorne and 3D artist Mikey Basttiaens shared this milestone with the Game Developer. They also revealed that the game has outperformed way beyond their expectations.


Nadia Thorned said, “We hoped to maybe sell 100,000 copies in our first year,”. Then she added, “That would have been amazing. That was a top estimate when we were setting our expectations. We smashed through those targets.”

She also mentioned that the entire team thought selling 1 million copies in a span of one year was a crazy target. However, the game actually managed to surpass its initial goal of 100,000 sales within just 24 hours of its launch. This gave them a brief indication of what might happen in the future.

“We actually had our launch party on a boat,” says Mikey Bastiaens, “and we were just refreshing the [sales page] going ‘oh my god, oh my god.'”

These milestones have contributed a lot to the studio and their projects regarding the game. They are even planning to launch its first official expansion for the game. The Pale Reach will arrive on 16 November 2023.