Don’t Die, Collect Loot – An Arcade-Style Roguelite Action RPG

Become the Most Powerful Hero

The indie game developer Dan Marchand has released a new update for his upcoming title Don’t Die, Collect Loot. The game is currently running its public open playtest on Steam. Moreover, it is free and you just get access to it by clicking on the ‘Request Access’ button.

Don’t Die, Collect Loot is an arcade-style roguelite action RPG. The player must guide his hero through a series of infinite retro worlds, and collect loots to get stronger and stay alive. There are a total of five heroes to choose from. The unique feature of it is that it focuses on having simple easy action gameplay.

The game features tons of randomly generated items, events, monsters, and skill points to upgrade your hero. You can also craft unique items as well. You progress through every level by wiping out hordes of monsters using your awesome skills and items.

Here are some key features of the game:

  • Control one of five unique heroes
  • Level up and unlock increasingly advanced skill trees to customize your hero as you progress
  • Find randomly generated loot, including hundreds of unique rare items, in order to grow more powerful
  • Play your way – Tune the difficulty of the areas you enter to find an experience enjoyable for you
  • Find rare artifacts and secrets to boost your hero further, and perhaps finally uncover the mysteries of the fragmented memories of this world.