Warm Snow Bringing Roguelite Action to Consoles October 20th

Become the Wandering Warrior 

Prepare to step into the Longwu Era. Somehow, a warm snow is somehow turning people into monsters. With blade in hand, you will aim to put them in the ground. Today,  Microids and Bilibili Games are happy to announce that their roguelite adventure game, Warm Snow, is releasing to consoles on October 20th. Inviting players to a roguelite with a unique art style and gameplay loop, the game allows players to explore a dark fantasy world and battle monsters. A press release discusses the console release of the game. Additionally, gamers can check out the release date trailer for a glimpse at the game. 

Warm Snow

Warm Snow introduces players to a Wandering Warrior, Bi-an. The entire land where Bi-an finds themselves is covered in a strange warm snow. This phenomenon is turning people into monsters. Now, Bi-an is, seemingly, the only one who can stop it. Importantly, players will travel a dark fantasy land full of breathtaking landscapes, designed in the style of silk paintings. Here, they will battle against the creatures of this snow and try to free the 5 houses that once protected the world. 

Of course, as a roguelite, Warm Snow allows players to expand their arsenal every run. Gamers can unlock new weapons, abilities, and more to customize their playstyle. Furthermore, players can continue to unravel the mystery of the game as they continue to try to save the world. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse of the game and its art style. 

Warm Snow is releasing on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch on October 20th, 2023. Currently, the game is out on Steam.