The Riftbreaker Plunges Into Shadow With New DLC Into The Dark

Into the Dark 

It’s time to face the darkness of Galatea 37. Prepare to experience a whole new biome for base building. Today, EXOR Studios is happy to announce the release of the new expansion for their base-building survival game, The Riftbreaker. The expansion, titled Into the Dark, introduces players to a host of new content including a free world expansion for the game. Of course, a press release delves into all the dark details of the expansion, including new biomes and storylines. Additionally, players can check out the expansion’s launch trailer for a look at the gameplay. 

The Riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker Into the Dark Expansion invites players back into the mech-suit of commando Ashley S. Nowak. Importantly, the expansion will bring Ashley into a new branch of the Story Campaign taking place in the underground Crystal Caverns biome. Of course, players will get to establish a unique underground base by mining soft limestone rock to suit the needs of you and your base. Players can also look forward to using brand-new technologies, battling tunneling beasts, using new terrain-shaping powers, and even uncovering more of Ashley’s past. 

Players can get a look at The Riftbreaker’s new expansion in the launch trailer. Of course, the trailer shows off the new biome as well as some of the gameplay including new tech and more. Check out the launch trailer below. 

The Riftbreaker: Into the Dark is available on Steam. Importantly, the release of the DLC also comes with the World Expansion II free update which adds more content from additional species to a new survival mode. So, will you be buying the Into the Dark DLC for The Riftbreaker and exploring all of the new content?