Haunted Memories: The Return Bringing Nightmares to Steam

Return to the Nightmare

Welcome to the fog. It’s cold, impenetrable, and full of an impending sense of dread. All you know is that you are in the haunted land of Green Park. Today, Forever Entertainment is happy to announce that their psychological horror game, Haunted Memories: The Return, is coming to Steam. Introducing players to a harrowing first-person horror experience in a dynamic and atmospheric world. A press release gives more of the horrific details about the game. Furthermore, players can check out the Steam trailer for the game for a look at what is to come. 

Haunted Memories

Haunted Memories: The Return brings players to the haunted and mysterious realm of The Green Park. Importantly, players are not alone here. A mysterious presence seems to stalk them as they journey through the Park, and it is very protective of its secrets. Players will soon discover that their survival depends on the collection of videotapes, evidence, and photographs. However, it won’t be easy. Filling out your form with information is important, so ensure you do it carefully. Just keep in mind, your choices change the way the game ends up. 

Players can get a look at Haunted Memories: The Return in the Steam trailer. Of course, the trailer shows off the atmospheric elements of the game, focussing on the first-person camera perspective. Check it out below. 

Haunted Memories: The Return is coming soon to Steam. For more information on the game, gamers can check out the game’s website. So, are you ready to enter The Green Park?