The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest Official Game Announcement

Reclaim Your Honor in the Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest

Publsiher Retroware along with the developer Programancer are proud to announce their newest title The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest. It is a parody and a homage to the classic side scrollers with a dark 8-bit world. Moreover, it will be coming out on PC via Steam sometime in 2025.

The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest

The protagonist, Simon Quest, arrives in Transylvania and learns that his rival, Stan Helsing, has already defeated Count Dracula. Determined to restore the glory he believes is rightfully his, Simon embarks on a dangerous journey to resurrection the dark count. His ultimate goal is to confront Dracula personally and defeat him to reclaim his honor.

However, raising the vampire lord will not be an easy task. Simon must travel across Transylvania, and conquer mansions to obtain the necessary items. He must trust his whip, put on the best equipment, and hunt down these pieces to accomplish his goal.

Additionally, the game features optional nonlinear progression, discoverable minigames, and customizable settings. Not only that, there are plenty of alternative pathways to discover and all the choices have a big impact on how the story unfolds.

Key features:
– 8-bit aesthetic harkening back to retro NES classics
– Always-active Day & Night Cycle
– Achievements
– Customizable difficulty and other adjustable settings
– Discoverable minigames spread throughout Transylvania

So, are you ready to resurrect Count Dracula and defeat him once more for your glory?