Rain Tactics Official Game Announcement

Make Winter Rest in Peace

The indie game developer Ervya Studios is delighted to announce its upcoming title Rain Tactics. It is coming soon for PC via Steam though the developer has not revealed the dates yet. You can also put the game on your wish list on the platform right now. Moreover, the announcement comes along with an official reveal trailer.

Rain Tactics

Rain Tactics is a cyber tactical RPG with roguelike elements that takes place in the tower city of Shavanath. You will play as Winter, an invincible god desperately wanting to die. To fulfill his dream, he must reach the Gate of Oblivion before it is too late for him.

However, the gate lies at the top of the city and is guarded by minions of the Lady of the Dark. She has denied your entry, so, Winter must do whatever he can with his godly powers to change the course of his fate.

The key features are:

– Turn-based combat inspired by classic SRPG systems where every attack can be fatal to your avowed
– Multi-class job system where every character can adopt a different class depending on the mission ahead
– Roguelike runs that make every ascension of the city of Shavanath unique
– Deep lore and backstories that unravel with every run
– A unique fighting system where you may choose between unleashing Winter’s godly powers and suffering the consequences or risking your avowed life in the battle

Make sure to check out the official reveal trailer below.