RPG Alchemy Has Started Brewing on Steam and Nintendo Switch

Create All the Possible Combinations

Error300, the small indie studio that developed Mosaic Chronicles has released its latest title RPG Alchemy. It is available now on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. In this puzzle game, your goal is to combine various elements to progress and unlock new combinations.

RPG Alchemy

The game features a brand-new RPG theme and tries to simulate the feeling of progression. To do this, it utilizes the alchemy genre, hence delivering a unique experience to its players. Here is what the developers said about the game:

We like alchemy games, and RPG Alchemy started as a simple alchemy-genre game featuring the usual combinations of elements. Such as water and fire, but we found that it felt too generic, so with RPG Alchemy we decided to try something a bit different.

Our philosophy for creating games has always been to make something we want to play ourselves. And we strive for that with every single release we put out, including RPG Alchemy.”

The game invites all the players to make their imaginations run rampant. Find out what happens if an adventurer enters the dungeon. And if two adventurers meet? What monsters live in the sewers? and many more. Along the way, meet new team members, enemies, new locations, loot, experience, and even death.

The key features of the game:

– A unique spin on the alchemy-puzzle genre
– 180+ unique combinations to discover
– A ton of gorgeous illustrations
– Switch support – allowing you to combine on-the-go