Ratopia Steam Early Access Release Date Announced

Build a Utopia for Rats

The indie game development team Cassel Games is proud to announce the Steam Early Access release date for Ratopia. This amazing game will be available starting from 6 November on the platform. Furthermore, a demo version is already live for everyone to try out.


Ratopia is a game that blends strategic survival, sandbox, and city-building simulation game. It is heavily inspired by titles like Minecraft, Terraria, Rimworld, and Oxygen Not Included. You will fit inside the shoes of the leader of the rats, to explore the world and construct a prosperous city. Moreover, you will also be responsible for every commanding other ratizens to aid in the construction.

Keep in mind that the ratizens won’t work at all without proper compensation. They will require wages, basic necessities, services, and various infrastructures. You can acquire the required funds through minting coins, taxes, and trade, with the goal of establishing a sustainable economy. It won’t be an easy task because enemies periodically invade the city and natural disasters occur once in a while.

The developer stated, “As a long-time enthusiast of city-building games, I’ve always dreamed of developing a simulation game. Pursuing the dream of being a game developer came from that desire. I’m aware that developing a city-building game requires significant time and resources and carries a high risk. However, encouraged by the support from our users, we bravely took on this challenge. We sincerely hope for your continued support and interest.”