10 Indie Games to Check Out This Fall

A World of Indie Games Awaits 

Sometimes the big-name games get a little stale. Not to say that they are bad, just that you want something a little more out there, adventurous, or different. Luckily, there is an entire ocean of indie games for gamers to explore. Importantly, these games cover a variety of genres so there is sure to be something out there that hits the spot. Fortunately for you, COGconnected has got you covered for this Fall with ten indie games for you to check out. So, without further ado, here are the ten indie games you should check out as the weather gets colder. 

1. Rain World 

Rain World

Videocult’s post-apocalyptic indie game platformer, Rain World, from 2017 invites players to a challenging exploration game full of adventure. Taking place in a ruined world, players take on the role of a slugcat searching for its family. Focussing on thorough decision-making to avoid predators and survive, the game presents a world reminiscent of the adventures of 16-bit classics. 

For gamers looking for a platforming experience, mixed with some survival elements, Rain World is a great choice. It aims to combine platforming, adventure, and environmental puzzles. All of this is set against a captivating end-of-the-world backdrop full of strange and mysterious sights and creatures. 

2. Dave The Diver

Dave the Diver

An insanely popular 2023 release, from developer MINTROCKET, Dave the Diver blends genres and takes players under the sea. Providing a mix of management-sim, restaurant-sim, fishing, and action-adventure gameplay, this indie game places players in the scuba suit of the titular character. Aiming to run a successful sushi restaurant, players will need to dive, collect fish, come up with new recipes, and more. Yet, every dive will take players deeper and there are far more terrifying things than fish down in the depths.

Dave the Diver is a game for players looking for a lot to do. The fact that the game manages to mash so many genres together feels like you’re playing several different games at once. The game will be right for those players who are always looking for a sense of progression and a lot to discover. If this sounds appealing, then Dave the Diver is right for you. Why not go scuba diving this Fall?

3. Sea of Stars 

Sometimes there is nothing like the classics. Or at least a game that feels like them anyway. Sabotage Studio’s 2023 RPG, Sea of Stars, is a fantastic addition to the genre of turn-based RPG games. Using the feelings and aesthetics of classic RPGS, the indie game invites players to step into a magical world full of wonder, amazement, and danger. Importantly the game also has a heartfelt and comprehensive narrative. 

This games is perfect for players wanting a sense of adventure and combat that harkens back to the genre’s golden age. Yet, it comes with a more modern art style. Obviously, the game should be on any RPG lover’s radar, but those gamers who haven’t had a chance to try it should do so. And, for those who are just looking for a new adventure this Fall, why not dive into Sea of Stars

4. Chants of Sennaar 

Chants of Sennaar

Language is a puzzle in and of itself. Yet Rundisc’s 2023 puzzle game, Chants of Sennaar, takes this concept a step further. The game allows players to explore a massive tower devoid of language. It becomes the player’s job to decipher language-based puzzles in order to restore language to the tower. Players will be met with environmental puzzles and dangerous guardians. Players will need to use their wit and stealth to make it inside this strange tower. 

This game is perfect for those gamers looking for a challenging experience in an interesting setting. If you want a game that will make you think, challenge you, and provide you with an enticing story, try out Chants of Sennaar

5. Stray


Maybe what you need is a cat? They do tend to make things better. Luckily, in BlueTwelve Studio’s massive adventure game, Stray, players get to become a cat. Taking place in the future, players step into the fur of a cat in a cybercity. This decaying city is full of challenges, but as the cat, players must find their way out. Together with a delightful drone named B-12, players will adventure through the city. 

Of course, the game allows players to interact with the environment as a cat. This is a game for players looking for a fun adventure and for those cat lovers out there. Yet, those gamers just looking for a great adventure can find one in Stray. 

6. Town of Salem II

You know what makes for a fun time with friends? Betrayal and lies. Obviously, indie games have done this before. BlankMediaGames LLC’s 2023 release, Town of Salem II, is a social deception game that invites groups of players to lie, betray, and fight each other in a town of their own. The gameplay revolves around players beginning with different roles and keeping them secret, or trying to find out others’ roles. The goal of the town is to vote out the coven. The coven wants the town dead. 

For gamers looking for a party-type game to play with friends, this may be one for you. You get to lie to your friends and put on your best poker face. So, if lying and taking over a town sounds like your kind of game, Town of Salem II may be for you. 

7. Melatonin 


Some indie games are just meant to be relaxing. For instance, developer Half Asleep’s relaxing rhythm game, Melatonin. The game invites players to a world where dreams and reality mix. Players get to adventure through different dreamlike levels where they must complete challenges in rhythm. However, there is also a narrative that follows the player throughout the game. As players complete different levels they can begin to piece together parts of the main character’s life.

Melatonin is a game for players who are looking for a relaxing, reflective experience. It’s the kind of game to play to decompress and chill out to some nice music. If this seems appealing maybe you need some Melatonin. 

8. Celeste 

Celeste DLC

On occasion, players need an indie game with a little more depth. Maddy Makes Games Inc.’s touching story of self-discovery, Celeste, is a platforming game that takes players on a heartfelt journey. The game is both challenging and touching as it lets players journey up a mountain through various platforming puzzles. Celeste provides simple controls with a mix of difficult gameplay coupled with a compelling narrative that keeps players engaged.

For gamers who want a lovely story and some challenging gameplay, Celeste is for you. Maybe you might even learn something about yourself along the way. 

9. Cuphead


Cuphead is Studio MDHR Entertainment Inc.’s difficult indie platformer. The game provides a devilishly difficult single-player and co-op experience as players take part in run-and-gun platforming action. Funnily enough, Cuphead draws from the art styler of the olden days and transports players to a world of living tea cups, angry carrots, and dragons. 

Cuphead is a game for gamers who are looking for a challenge. It is an addictive and brutal experience that gives you a hell of a good time. If you are into getting your butt kicked a few (dozen) times. 

10. Little Nightmares

Seeing as it’s spooky season, a creepy game seems in order. There couldn’t be a better addition to this list than Tarsier Studios’ creepy platformer, Little Nightmares. Becoming the raincoat-wearing Six, players will traverse a horrifying place known as the Maw. Here, they must avoid being eaten, scooped up by the Janitor, or worse. The game blends a spooky atmosphere, heart-pumping action-platforming, and a strange and cryptic story for a unique experience. 

Little Nightmares is for the kind of player who wants a creepy game that isn’t outright horror. However, those players brave enough to delve into the lore of the game will face some truly horrific realities. So, why not add Little Nightmares to your collection just in time for Halloween? 

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