Mortal Glory 2 Is Coming Out Tomorrow on Steam

Recruit the Best Gladiators in Mortal Glory 2

Prepare yourself to participate in the most brutal blood-soaked tournament. The solo indie game developer Redbeak Games is proud to announce that Mortal Glory 2 is launching on Steam tomorrow. The game is a sequel to the 2020 title Mortal Glory and it is finally ready to captivate all the PC gamers.

Mortal Glory 2

Mortal Glory 2 is a 2D turn-based tactical roguelike game where you manage a team of traveling gladiators and participate in a brutal tournament. Recruit the best gladiators from a wide variety of fantasy races that are seeking glory on the battlefield. Each race has its own unique strengths and utilizing it to your advantage plays a vital role in the game.

Participate in brutal quick turn-based combat with various tools, unleash your creativity and tactical prowess, and conquer the arenas. The game features randomized environments, making sure each playthrough is fresh and rewarding.

Discover a vast collection of unique relics, character perks, and more. Find clever combos and deadly synergies to unlock new strategies that will make your gladiators overpowered. The game offers different settings that will fit your playstyle with increasingly harder challenges to master. And most importantly, the AI opponents can be brutally challenging at the highest levels.

So, are you ready to guide your team of gladiators to glory tomorrow?