Empire of Sin is Totally Different From to Anything Else That Romero Games Has Previously Made

Who Knew One of the Major Guys Behind Doom Had a Soft Spot For Strategy Games?

Empire of Sin is a Mafia-style grand strategy game that is being worked on by Romero Games and Paradox Studios. Strategy games are Paradox’s bread and butter. This is what the developers have made a living off of. And is probably the reason they were brought onto this project, to begin with. However, for Romero Games, this is a totally new experience. John Romero was one of the masterminds behind the grandfather of the FPS genre, Doom. So this venture into the world of strategy games is obviously quite the change of pace.

Empire of Sin


Romero’s inspiration to take part in helping with Empire of Sin is actually very wholesome. His wife, Brenda Romero is a huge fan of strategy games. John Romero went on to say this in an interview with DualShockers. “She’s played XCOM, loves XCOM, loves the Civilization series and she loves this time period. She wanted to put all of that together into an amazing strategy game. Having been players of strategy games for a really long time, being designers for decades, and Brenda having all of this experience, it just kind of made sense for us to make [Empire of Sin].”

As for the game itself, it plays with a mix of narrative and choice based situations. The actual combat of Empire of Sin supposedly plays similar to XCOM. A turn-based style that rewards well thought out tactics and maneuvers. Combat and fighting, while a big part of the game is not going to be the most important aspect of Empire of Sin. This a strategy game after all. Outsmarting your rivals and being quick on your feet is what will ultimately win you the game.

Empire of Sin will release on PS4, PC, Xbox One, Mac and Nintendo Switch in early 2020.