Doom 64 Could be Coming to the PC and PS4

A Welcome Surprise 

Doom 64 was a Nintendo 64 exclusive all the way back in 1997.  It was the third installment of the franchise and offered better graphics (for the time) and new weapons and levels to play. The game was met relatively well by fans and served as a solid game in the series. Well, after 22 of being mostly forgotten about, Doom 64 might be coming to the PC and PS4.

MK Doomslayer

A mistake was made by PEGI and they accidentally allowed the rating of this game to leak. They quickly scrambled to fix this error but not before Gematsu was able to find it. Gematsu was also able to find the listing for posterity. It reads, “The Demons have returned even stronger and more vicious than before. As the only experienced survivor of the Doom episode, your commission is reactivated.”

Doom 64 was not the only Doom game that was rated, however. The original Doom game and Doom II were also given a rating. This has led to some believing that a Doom bundle is on the way. Bundling up classic games seems to be all the rage nowadays.

Almost every other Doom game can be found easily on online stores or in GameStop’s. So making their three oldest games available for the new generation of Doom fans wouldn’t be a horrible idea. The series has seen a ton of success with the most recent Doom game. And with Doom Eternal coming out later this year in November, there could definitely be a market for younger players who are new to the series to try out the older titles. Or for old fans of the series who want to relive fond memories of their younger years.

Nostalgia is a huge moneymaker in movies and games. Why should this be different?