Game Director Leaves Hearthstone

Game Director Ben Lee Leaves Hearthstone but Not Blizzard

Game director Ben Lee has decided that he will be leaving Hearthstone for a different project in Activision Blizzard.

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Lee, who has been working on Hearthstone during 2018, has overseen various changes in Hearthstone, including the Rewards Pass Seasonal Tracking system, the introduction of the Demon Hunter class, and the elimination of Mercenaries mode on the game. Under Lee, updates have been regular and consistent, at least from the reports.

Currently, though, it’s uncertain what project Lee will be working on, other than it will be under the Activision banner. There has been some speculation, however, that he will be joining other Hearthstone veterans Mike Donais and Peter Whalen in a currently unannounced project. There has been some speculation, by the community and a content creator RegisKillbin, that this project could be a creation of a CCG-roguelike- much like the creation of Blizzard’s Slay the Spire.

There is already an untitled “Unannounced Survival Game”  that has been announced by Blizzard already. Whether Lee will be joining that project or another, has yet to be seen.

However, during the interview that revealed Lee’s leaving Hearthstone, he revealed that there will be a cooking show-themed expansion for Hearthstone. As well, Lee let the audience know that there will be multiple new card types revealed this year, stating “One of the most exciting things about the coming, unnamed year, is that there’s actually a bunch of new card types that we’ve been experimenting with that are really interesting and fun.”

This is all that we know about the card reveals for now- but Lee did offer some juicy tidbits stating: “We wanted to try some really interesting stuff to push Standard in a little bit of a different direction with some new interesting takes on card types, so hopefully players enjoy those and we look forward to hearing what they think.