WARNO’s Developers Provide News on Upcoming DAVOUT Update

WARNO’s Developers Provide News on Upcoming DAVOUT Update¬†

Eugen Systems, the game’s developer and publisher, has a long history of working on military games. They were involved in other titles such as Steel Division and WarGame. The company released WARNO into Early Access on 20th January 2022. They have now provided an update to fans on the game’s upcoming content, DAVOUT patch and much more. WARNO is in Early Access and available on PC via Steam for $39.99USD. Interested fans can purchase it here.

WARNO Artwork

Eugen Systems intended to release the DAVOUT Update this week. However, it has been delayed for a bit as there were some models still missing. The iconic Leopard 2 model is currently missing, however, most of the other models are completed. Although the DAVOUT Update is delayed, fans would be pleased to know that other content is coming to the game and the developers are still sticking to their schedule.

The developers are working hard on releasing two updates a month, namely the Murat, Lannes, Massena and Bessieres. If the schedule is met, these updates should be in the game by May, 2022. Furthermore, the Murat Update focuses on German military and more. Additionally, there’s a major patch incoming that includes three new maps, HEAT weapon efficiency, time limit options in multiplayer lobbies and more.

Therefore, it is clear that fans have a lot of content to look forward to in the game. Additionally, the game is described as a realistic, immersive World War III battle simulator where players must lead their army to victory.

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