Hearthstone Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Expansion

A Dual Celebration of Hearthstone Milestones

As Hearthstone gears up to commemorate its monumental 10th anniversary, Blizzard has unveiled an array of festivities and a brand-new expansion to mark the occasion in style.

Hearthstone’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

Kicking off the jubilant affair, players can now claim a special Harth Stonebrew card upon logging in, paying homage to the game’s beloved innkeeper mascot. This unique card, when played, replaces the player’s hand with eight cards representing iconic moments from Hearthstone’s rich meta history. Additionally, players will receive 11 gift cards—one for each class—that discover one of the class’s signature spells.

From February 27 to March 19, a free rewards track offers golden versions of the gift cards and a Birthday coin. On March 11, Hearthstone’s official anniversary date, completing a Legendary quest will reward players with a commemorative 10-Year Anniversary card back. The celebration extends beyond the digital realm with the release of the Hearthstone: Music from the Tavern (Anniversary Picks) album on streaming platforms and Twitch Drops during special anniversary streams.

Furthermore, Twist mode will transport players through Hearthstone’s history at breakneck speed, with each day showcasing a different era and expansion—from legacy decks to modern marvels.

hearthstone new expansion fractured in alterac valley

New Expansion: Whizbang’s Workshop

Launching on March 19, the Whizbang’s Workshop expansion injects fresh mechanics into the game, notably the Miniaturize keyword, which summons a diminutive copy of any card bearing the keyword. These new cards pay homage to Hearthstone’s past while introducing innovative gameplay elements, such as customizable cards like Zilliax Deluxe 3000.

Pre-purchases for Whizbang’s Workshop are now available, offering players early access to the Corridor Sleeper card and enticing bundles packed with card packs, Legendary cards, and exclusive cosmetics.

Additionally, the Year of the Pegasus heralds the arrival of a new annual season and Core set, reintroducing beloved classics like Fiery War Axe and Leeroy Jenkins to the Standard format. With both a milestone anniversary and an exciting expansion on the horizon, Hearthstone enthusiasts have much to anticipate in the coming weeks.