Hearthstone Announces March of the Lich King Expansion And More

Hearthstone Announces March of the Lich King Expansion And More

Blizzard Entertainment released its free to play card game in 2014 on PC and the game exploded on the scene. Since its release, the team has poured a ton of content into the title and today, the company has announced the March of the Lich King expansion. Players will get their hands on a lot of new content including the Death Knight class. The game is free to play on both PC and mobile devices. The expansion will officially release worldwide on December 6th.

The Lich King, one of the most popular characters in World of Warcraft is officially returning to Hearthstone, and is bringing along the Death Knight class. Players will get their hands on 145 new cards to use on the battlefield which includes weapons for both sides, new Undead and dual-type minions and much more. The Death Knight is a powerful, flexible class that can use blood, frost and unholy runes to its advantage in battle.

hearthstone new expansion fractured in alterac valley

In the expansion’s cinematic trailer, viewers get a first look at the Death Knight class in all its glory as well as some action between the Lich King and the head Blood Elf. Blizzard Entertainment never disappoints in their cinematic trailers and this is no exception.

In Hearthstone, players will use cards from their favorite World of Warcraft classes such as Warlock, Paladin and Mage. Each class has a specific playstyle, skills and abilities that can turn the tide easily!

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