Hearthstone Throne of the Tides Is Part of the Next Major Update

Hearthstone’s Throne of the Tides Is Coming on June 1st

Hearthstone is getting a new mini-set next month. The Throne of the Tides is coming to the game on June 1st. It is adding 35 new cards that include one epic, four legendary, 14 rare, and 16 common. They can be found in Voyage to the Sunken City card packs. Players can also buy them all together in standard or Golden sets.

hearthstone throne of the tides next major update

This mini set includes huge new Colossal minions, more Sunken City synergies, powerful disruption tools, and one adorable Elemental,” Blizzard confirmed. “The fight for the Throne of the Tides requires strength and subterfuge.”

Hearthstone players can get the standalone mini set for $15 or 2,000 gold. However, they can also opt to get an all-Golden version for $70. Either way, fans will be able to get 66 cards in total. They can get one of each legendary and two copies of all of the other cards.

At the moment, Hearthstone fans have no information on what most of these new cards are going to be. Thankfully, Blizzard revealed that three of the cards are going to be Snapdragon, Coilfan Constrictor, and Bubbler. Each of these are minions who will have a unique effect. 

Bubbler has notably beefy stats for a 1-cost. On top of these new cards, Hearthstone is also getting the new Legendary Neptulon at 10-cost.

Fortunately, devs have promised that they are going to reveal the new cards over the next several days. The gaming community will just have to keep following the game’s official social media account.

Hearthstone a premier card game from Blizzard. Devs roll out multiple new expansions for the game every year. Each of these expansions bring dozens of brand new cards. Once a certain expansion has been out for a while, they tend to launch a follow-up mini set of cards that stays within the theme of the previously released expansion.

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