Team Fortress 2 Devs Are ‘Working’ to Fix Bot Problem

Team Fortress 2 Devs Are “Working” on Fixing the Bot Issue

Team Fortress 2 has been in the gaming market for 15 years now. Still, Valve continues to low key maintain the title considering that it remains to be one of Steam’s biggest games. However, for a game that has been around this long, it still has a rampant bot problem.

A recently released YouTube video got a lot of attention from Team Fortress 2 players. Many of the game’s long-time fans have had enough of its bot issue. The fallout from this was that, apparently, many emails were sent to members of the press. According to multiple reports, Valve received this email as well.

team fortress 2 devs working to fix bot issue

Unfortunately, Team Fortress 2 devs have not said anything. Thankfully, they did just give out what seems to be a holding statement. They want to assure players that they know how big the bot infestation is. With that said, they want the gaming community to know that they are currently “working to improve things.”

It remains unknown how this will turn out, or even if this manifests into anything meaningful. After all, a lot of the Team Fortress 2 players believe that the game’s bot problem is too fundamental to be actually fixed. The good news is that Valve is going to attempt to give it another try.

Valve’s recent comments debunk earlier reports that they have completely abandoned the game. They launched its last major anti-bot update last July. After the patch, Team Fortress 2 hit its all-time player high. Devs did not stop there. They still keep sending out maintenance updates for the game on a regular basis.

Team Fortress 2 is arguably the single most influential shooter of the 21st century. With that said, its bot issue seems to be a consequence of its own success in the market. It is and will always be an attractive and juicy target for bot users especially because it has an in-game economy that matters to a lot of gamers.

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