How to Bet on Team Fortress 2: Guide to TF2 Gambling

When you think about it, eSports is now a fully-fledged sport. It has leagues, professional teams and corporate sponsors. The biggest competitions attract millions of people from around the world, while winners can take home in the upwards of $1 million.

team fortress 2

In this article, we’ll focus on Valve’s Team Fortress 2. More so, we’ll delve into more details on tf2 gambling. Ready? Let’s get started.

  An Overview of Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a first shooter game of nine players. It’s more or less like CS: GO—one of the reasons it’s growing rapidly. In Team Fortress, you control one of these characters: Scout, Sniper, Spy, Heavy, Engineer, Demo man, Soldier, Medic or Pyro.

You compete in team BLU or team RED. The objective is to defeat the opposing side in combat. The game has a handful of maps, each with a varying set of objectives.

  • Escort—this is a time-based mission. The main objective is to help your team move a cart to a certain place. Alternatively, you could be on the side preventing the other team achieve their goal.
  • Assault—the goal is to help your team take over several goals on the map.
  • Hybrid—this is a hybrid of escort and assault. First, you fight to take over or defend several carts on the map. Next, you escort the cart to a specific place.
  • Control—this is a best of three competition. Offense characters fight to eliminate opponents from the game. Defense players compete to defend vulnerable areas in the game.

Team Fortress 2 Gambling: How to Win

Now that you understand the basics of Team Fortress 2, next is to develop a strategy for betting on the game:

1—Choose an eSports Betting Site

Betting on video games is now legal around the world. The UK and most of Europe legalized sports betting over a decade ago. The US legalized the industry in 2018 while Canada permitted single-sports betting last year.

With that in mind, not every sportsbook supports eSports betting. Find a betting site that provides betting markets for all major eSports games, Team Fortress 2 included.

Truth be told, TF2 isn’t yet at par with CS: GO, League of Legends and Overwatch in the number of eSports competitions. As such, you need to research thoroughly to find the best betting sites for tf2 gambling.

2—Pick a Bet Type

If you’re a beginner, betting on TF2 might feel overwhelming. But fear not. Betting on eSports is just as straightforward as wagering on basketball, baseball or soccer.

You can pick the winner of a game. This is called a money line bet. Or you can predict the number of kills made. Also, you could bet how long it takes to escort a cart successfully in escort mode.

What are the best bet types for TF2 gambling? There’s no right and wrong bet type. It depends on your expertise and risk tolerance. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to stick to money line bets.

But if you have experience, you can try out point spreads, totals and eSport specials. If you’re a risk taker, you could try out parlays and proposition bets. They’re risky but attract nice profits.

3—Find Good Odds

Ultimately, the amount of money you win in TF2 betting will depend on two things. Your stake size and odds. Picking good odds is more important than determining the amount of money to spend.

You see, every betting website researches before providing odds. They will give good odds to the underdog and poor odds to the favorite. If there’s no clear favorite, the odds look competitive.

Choosing good odds meaning finding a team overlooked by betting websites. Maybe it’s not as famous as its opponent. But it has a better record and has upset well-known eSports teams in the past.

Another way to find good odds is through comparison platforms. Don’t settle for the first bookmaker you find. Compare odds at a couple of sites and bet where you get the most profit from your bet.

4—Use Sweet Bonuses

One of the beauties of betting online is bonuses. You don’t have to use your money to place a bet. You can claim a free bet after you create an account or after you make your first deposit.

To be clear, betting bonuses aren’t exactly free money. You get a bonus as a reward for something you do, saying adding funds to your account. While you can use the bonus to bet on TF2, you need to meet certain conditions to withdraw your profits.

As a result, it’s essential to research around before you accept a bonus. Sure, you might be getting a bonus worth double your deposit. But how much must you spend before you withdraw your winnings?

How long will the bonus remain active? Can you bet on team fortress 2? If a free bet’s terms satisfy you, then go ahead and claim it.

5—Create a Budget

Budgeting in betting isn’t an option. It’s something you must do to survive in the industry for long. Ideally, create a budget based on money you can afford to lose. So, pay your bills and set aside money for emergencies and investments.

You also need a staking plan. It helps you know exactly how much to spend in every game. According to experts, you must always stick to your staking plan unless you go on a winning streak.

If you’re losing, stick to your budget and know when to quit. Taking a break from betting can lead to more success. This is because you can take the time off to look at your mistakes and weaknesses.

Your Turn

Team Fortress 2 is a fast-growing game. Logically, this makes it a good target for eSports punter out there. It doesn’t have a ton of annual eSports tournaments, though.

So, mark your calendar to know when there’s an important competition. Find a bookie with the competition. Ensure it provides good odds, bonuses and quick payouts.