Team Fortress 2 Patch Fixes Old Bugs But Not the Bot Problem

Team Fortress 2’s Patch Didn’t Fix Current Bot Problem

Team Fortress 2 devs just rolled out a new patch to fix the game. The good news is that the update fixed some old bugs that have been plaguing players. The bad news is that it did not fix the massive bot issue.

Some of the problems that the Team Fortress 2 patch did fix have been around for almost a decade. Examples of which are the annoying laggy animations for the Halloween bosses and skeletons. The exploits that allow cheats on secure servers are also gone. Following the update, players can also no longer teleport back to spawn by changing loadouts while touching the enemy’s spawn gate.

team fortress 2 patch fixes old bugs not bot problem

Valve’s patch also fixed the Spy. The issue with this character was the he would hold his own weapon while disguised as another class. Devs also fixed Dead Ringer, improving the character’s skills in bamboozling people.

As seen in Team Fortress 2’s patch notes, there was no mention of how devs are going to counter bots. However, there was a couple of changes that fans are hoping will indirectly address the issue.

Devs refreshed the voting system. Now, both teams can have a vote kick running simultaneously. The changes should allow players to kick bots a lot easier. Plus, devs also added a global vote that can run at the same time as a kick vote. Previously, bots can easily change names mid-match to avoid detection. The Team Fortress 2 patch also prevents them to do this now.

Fans feel like it is a bit odd for a new patch to address ancient bugs. However, they are thankful for it as it feels like a step in the right direction towards major changes. “We won a battle, but not the war,” one player commented. “We cannot be content with just another bandaid solution.”

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