Halo Infinite is Fixing Their Rampant Online Connection Troubles

Low Latency in Halo Infinite Will Be a Thing of the Past

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer experience is utterly fantastic, but not without its flaws. Issues with player progression aside, the game’s suffered from connection and desync problems since launch. One glitch in particular was especially devastating. But as you can imagine, 343 Industries isn’t too happy with these problems. And now, an onslaught of changes are coming to Halo Infinite’s back-end.

halo infinite devs new build update address core issues

Richard Watson, lead engineer at 343 Industries, featured in a recent blog post uploaded to Halo Waypoint earlier today. He went over a variety of issues plaguing the game and how they’re currently being addressed. Its writing is technical and in-depth, but there’s enough clarifications and simple explanations to ensure that people don’t get lost.

Getting shot around corners? That’s the biggest thing 343 wants to address. They’ll be prioritizing stronger connections between players in their matchmaking system. They did note that this’ll increase queue times a bit – but those queues were already lightning-fast anyway, so it’s not a huge loss. In addition, they’ll do a better job of displaying connection quality of all players to all players, so that people are armed with more information going forward,

Melee and shot registration is the next big topic. Here, there’s actually a setting that 343 Industries wants PC players to flip. Go into your Halo Infinite settings, and change “Simulation Quality” to “Ultra”, since it’s a large guiding factor in hit detection. There’s also some internal changed that’ll solve this, scheduled for ‘a future update’.

Many players complained about a lack of player collision making melee combat frustrating. The post explains that this wasn’t an intentional setting they changed, it’s actually a latency bug. if you’ve had issues with the melee lunge not working, this is its source. 343 Industries will be fixing this in the coming days.