Halo Infinite Desync Glitch is Devastating and Easily Replicated

Halo Infinite Doesn’t Have Many Glitches, But This One Is Big

While Halo Infinite’s campaign mode is still a few days away, the multiplayer scene is alive and well. 343 Industries has thousands of players running around at any given time, and despite the game’s issues with player progression, the gameplay is solid enough to hold people’s interest. Well, “solid” might be a strong word – the game is almost polished to perfection, but with more people diving in than ever, a few weak spots got noticed. Most notably, a glitch that messes with how the server tracks your spartan.

Turns out: with the right setup, you can desync your spartan on command. What does that mean for gameplay? It means that the in-game server starts to disagree with your computer on where your spartan is, but no action is done to correct it. You can be on one side of the map, according to your screen – but everyone else (including other players in the vehicle you’re driving) could see you on the other side.

A recent video shows the glitch in action:

As of yet, there’s no known way of exploiting the glitch for your own benefit. For the most part, it only seems to confuse whoever does it – though further experimentation could yield stronger results. And given how easy it is to cause the glitch yourself, that experimentation could come quickly.

With all that said, an easily replicated glitch is an easily fixed one. If there’s anything a bug-squashing developer likes, its a bug that’s easy to spot. There’s very little guesswork as to what triggers the glitch and how it acts. That said, the exact cause of the glitch has yet to be pinned down; but an abundance of information should help that process along.