So, About That New Halo Infinite Trailer…

Finally, an Infinite trailer that Properly Explains What “Become” Means!

The Halo franchise has a history with awesome ad campaigns. The “Believe” trailers for Halo 3 were downright iconic, and “Remember Reach” was an excellent follow-up. Halo Infinite is looking to echo that sentiment with its “Become” trailer series, and the latest installment of that is… kinda wild.

The Halo Subreddit may be overrun with criticisms about the already-released multiplayer progression system (and for good reason, to be fair), but that doesn’t mean everything there has to be negative. “Forever we fight” just dropped – and people are in love. Previous Infinite trailers were received well, but always left some people confused. They’d show something emotional or cool, then just say “Become” at the end. There were hints at the meaning, of course, but the waters were muddy enough that not everyone made the connection. You’ll have no such issues with “Forever we Fight”, the message takes center stage. And you know what? I think that’s where it wants to be.

The trailer isn’t just a story of Halo or the Master Chief, it’s a story of humanity. It’s the struggle of people throughout time, building upon itself – gradually showing more and more halo-esque scifi goodness until we end with the Master Chief himself. “Become” is kind of nonsensical on its own, but when directly tied to a passing of a torch like this, it’s much easier to read. What you you “becoming”? The answer is “Infinite”.

Is it cheesy? Yeah, kinda. It doesn’t show a shred of gameplay and barely tells you what Halo Infinite is about. But those vibes, those immaculate vibes, were enough to reach even the coldest, reddit-born hearts. What do you think of the trailer? Is it a bit too pretentions, or does it fill a “Believe”-shaped hole in your heart? We’d love to hear your take!