Steam Breaks Records Again With Concurrent Users

This Breaks Their Last Concurrent Record of April 2021

Steam is still doing well for itself, despite these trying times.  According to SteamDB via Twitter, the current amount of concurrent users is 27,384,959 million. That’s a lot of gamers.

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This could be due to, well, Black Friday and the great deals that are currently going on. I certainly know that I received an email with some great deals on my Steam wishlist. There’s a lot of great Steam game and discounts currently. Little wonder that people are coming back, or exploring, what Steam deals they can get.

While the sale is set to stay until December 1st, 2021, it’s possible that 27 million will be the peak for November 2021. Still, this is impressive as this breaks the previous record of April 2021, where they had 26.9 million concurrent users. But there is also a holiday sale in Steam that will be going off during December 2021, meaning that the concurrent users number may break records again in an even shorter amount of time.

There had been a matter of an antitrust suit against Valve earlier this year, but it appears that it hasn’t broken Steam’s stride one bit. Currently, the case has been more or less dismissed, with Steam being more or less unaffected by the case.

While there may be the contributing factors of the pandemic and staying at home, as well as the big fall sale, it’s difficult to say what’s the biggest reason people have come onto Steam. Then again, with Farming Simulator 22 currently being the top seller on Steam- it could currently be that people just want some stress relief, just like with Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Then again, Battlefield 2042 and Cyberpunk 2077  are also in the top three, so people may have wanted to play the newest games over the American long weekend.

But in the end, does not matter. So long as people are having fun gaming, that’s the important part.

Game on.