New Halo Infinite Live-Action Video Is a Dark and Wild Ride

“BECOME”, Apparently

Calling back to Halo 3’s “Believe” marketing campaign, a series of UNSC Archives videos have starting using a new word for Halo: Infinite’s campaign – “Become”. It’s not quite as enthralling as the original term (seems like a lot of people just ask “become what?” and get confused when no answers arrive), but the sentiment is there and the echoes are felt nonetheless.

Speaking of echoes, here’s a video about a bunch of miners trapped in a cave. “After the Covenant bombarded a UNSC excavation site”, the video’s description reads, “Colonial miners volunteered to extract an ore needed to fortify the Master Chief’s exoskeleton. Only the ore reached the surface before the ongoing attack threatened total collapse.”

As you might be able to guess, the story doesn’t go well for the miners. A cave-in traps them all inside, and the feeling of doom starts to sink in. But apparently, the acoustics in there are amazing now – revealed when a man gets up and starts singing. You can watch the rest for yourself here:

This video, “Lightbringers”, is the third entry into this UNSC Archives series, all of which have been received well by the Halo community. The trio each focus on a different part of Master Chief’s armor, showing the struggles needed to bring each tool to our hero’s hands. It’s paints a picture of Master Chief as an amalgam, embodying the hopes of every single person that fought to make him who he is.

Modern portrayals of the Master Chief’s character (most notably in Halo 4) usually showed a man struggling with his role as the savior of humanity. He was taken as a child and turned into a weapon, and that past has left him with a lot subtle trauma that he can’t find time to work through. There’s a stark contrast between the empowering and disempowering tones, and assuming Halo Infinite follows up on the themes, it’ll be interesting to see how everything comes together.