Back 4 Blood Far More Difficult Then Intended, Says Developers

Thought Back 4 Blood Was Difficult? It’s Not Just You

Turns out that Back 4 Blood still needs some tweaks and fixes. Players still cite that there are too many special infected that spawn through the map, and that the game’s difficulty is a little too much. Turtle Rock Studio, the developers behind Back 4 Blood, has admitted to the game being far more difficult than intended.

back 4 blood increased difficulty

Turtle Rock, during a Stream this week, has admitted to various problems still within the game. While the studio did attempt to fix the special infected spawning problem by AI spawn cards in a patch earlier this month, something else is still causing the high spawn rate. Thankfully, it seems that they have identified the cause, and are working on fixing the cause. “We are actively working on a solution.” Said Turtle Rock in a Reddit summary after the stream. “We will nail this and continue crafting a game that improves over time.”

This includes fixing another problem that made the game much harder in a recent server-side patch, which will soon also be in the full update will fix it for offline single-player missions soon. This happened to be the mechanic called trauma damage. Unlike some games, where healing can be done once and forgotten about, trauma damage in Back 4 Blood ensured that this damage built up over time. Not only that but it was supposed to make healing much harder. Turtle Rock admits that the trauma damage was set far too high, across all difficulty levels of the game. Little wonder players have been complaining.

That isn’t to say that Back 4 Blood is a terrible game. Far from it. If anything, this could be said that Back 4 Blood is having some growing pains, as happens with a new game. If anything, it’s good that Turtle Rock Studios has been listening to its audience and trying its best to fix what problems arise.

Back 4 Blood is currently available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. Back 4 Blood is also currently on sale in the Xbox X series store.