Destiny 2 Devs Will Reward Vets Who Tank on Purpose to Save Newbies

Destiny 2 Devs Are Rewarding Seasoned Players for Rescuing New Lights

Destiny 2 devs has launched the new Dares of Eternity activity as part of their 30th Anniversary celebration. This event was a good way of introducing the new mode to the franchise’s existing players. Unfortunately, it had an unforeseen side effect of trapping players who are new to the game within the activity. The community calls the newbies New Lights. Sadly, they will not have the equipment required to fight their way out.

The Destiny 2 devs are already working on a fix. For the meantime, however, they are calling out the game’s seasoned vets to help their fellow players who are in need.

destiny 2 vets rewarded emblems dares of eternity

Players that are lower in power level need some help in the Dares of Eternity activity,” the devs wrote. “Grab some lower power gear from your Collections and hop in to matchmaking.” The pros can simply swap back to their normal loadout once they have found a match.

Destiny 2 devs are also going to roll out rewards for those who take on Dares to rescue other players who are stuck. Altruism is a reward in itself, but getting rewards for their good deed is cool, too.

On the community side, we are looking to spin up a little emblem to earn,” the devs added. “Won’t be overly restrictive in how it is handed out, but would love to give thanks to those who lend a hand.”

Bungie usually gives special emblems during certain situations that inadvertently develop into a memorable event within the game. It is like a mark for “you had to be there” moments.

Some have called this Operation: Save the New Lights,” the devs continued. “While this issue impacts some new players, it is also hitting some who have taken lengthy breaks from Destiny 2 and are at low power.

We got some fixes in the pipe,” they added. “But not for this week.”

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