Return of Destiny 2 Weapon Hints at Major Character Death

Spoiler Alert’s Return to Destiny 2 Could Mean Death for One of Its Main Characters

Destiny 2’s Spoiler Alert sidearm may be a sign of very bad news for one of the franchise’s major characters. The weapon was first reintroduced into the game in August for Season of the Lost. It was first added to the franchise in May 2018 when the Destiny 2: Warmind DLC went live.

When Spoiler Alert also showed up in the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion, Cayde-6—a beloved Hunter Vanguard—went the other way and has not returned since then. Fans of the franchise now believe that it was a seemingly permanent development as part of the game’s lore.

destiny 2 spoiler alert osiris

This Destiny 2 weapon bears the description of “Someone is going to die.” Although this is not terribly remarkable in itself, since that is pretty much how Destiny 2 works, the gaming community has started to worry that one of their beloved favorites could meet his demise soon.

It is not a coincidence,” Bungie Senior Narrative Designer Nikko Stevens confirmed. “That is all I will say.”

Destiny 2 fans have started to speculate that either Ikora or Zavala could be the ones on the chopping block. However, inside sources have claimed that the prime candidate for the cut is actually going to be Osiris—the infamous Warlock who played a pivotal role in Destiny 2’s recent seasonal narrative.

Osiris was recently imprisoned by the Witch Queen Savathun after his ghost, Sagira, was killed. Savathun used Osiris’ form to infiltrate the City, spying on the guardians. This turn of events then backed up rumors that Osiris is not really being held prisoner and is actually already dead. It is a bit Days of Our Lives at this point, but the soapy premise has grown on Destiny 2 fans, especially with fresh narrative nuggets that keep getting added to the game as part of a seasonal quest line.