Psychonauts 2 Devs Discuss Their Future, Releasing a Wholesome Poem

Double Fine Has Big Plans For Their Studio, Post Psychonauts 2

It’s been an incredible year for Double Fine. Releasing their years-in-development sequel to a cult classic title, they probably expected a warm, if small, reception to their game. They got the warmth, but Psychonauts 2 was anything but small. In a rather wholesome move, they released an end-of-year blog post discussing a few things with the game, including how much the release meant to them and their studio. But at the end, the post’s scope increases, talking about what the future holds for Double Fine as a studio.

Psychonauts 2

The studio is already splitting up into various teams and starting different projects that we think you’ll enjoy.” The post says. “We like experimentation here at Double Fine. Every game is a chance to explore new ideas, new visual styles or gameplay, emotions, and more.

It’s all early-development stuff, so we don’t have much info on what exactly their new ventures will look like. But it seems like they’ll be plural!

As a final, sentimental move, a cozy little holiday poem caps off Double Fine’s message. Accompanied by a cute, child-like drawing of Psychonaut’s main character in a traditional “ugly Christmas sweater”, the poem manages to convey that exact same wholesome vibe. You can read the whole thing below, it’s a wonderful piece – especially if you’re familiar with how Psychonauts operates.

Warm and cozy

Somewhat scratchy

Elbows are a

Little Patchy


A little frayed

A little worn

Just one spot is

A little torn


But the goal is

Not perfection


Upon reflection:


People, too, have

Quirky features

That s what makes them

Unique creatures


Through the Coldest

Winter Storm

It’s the friends we’ve made

That keep us warm

And yes, that “That s” is built in to the poem. Nothing like a little quirk of writing to really drive home the message, eh?