10 Best Video Game Soundtracks and Scores of 2021

Best Video Game Soundtracks of the Year

You can always appreciate when a game is backed up by a good soundtrack or score. No matter what is going on in your game, the music is often there to set the tone. Scores are always the unsung heroes of gaming, so we have to acknowledge the Best Video Game Soundtracks.

Psychonauts 2 was scored by Peter McConnell, who created a variety of themes as wide as the game’s variety of levels and designs. Deathloop captured a 60s-era spy vibe, which created in part by Tom Salta’s score, making us feel like 007 at times. The director’s cut of Ghost of Tsushima brought back music from the original, plus new music, which combined traditional Japanese instruments with haunting orchestras.

Eastward’s score is full of chiptune tracks that really take us back to… well, times before many of us were even born. The blending of chiptune soundtracks and pixel art is just so natural. In contrast to Eastward’s high-energy music, Resident Evil Village uses its score to highlight the tension of the game. The music would always let you know when you got spotted.

Returnal stands out in this category. There aren’t necessarily bangers or individual tracks that jump out, but it all comes back to the tone. Returnal’s score is more ambient than the rest of the games on the list of Best Video Game Soundtracks. Jason Gallaty uses sounds and instruments from Indonesia to create the score in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. These tracks also have sounds we do not normally hear in gaming.

Music is something you can always count on in the Halo series. If you have played any of the games, you know exactly why it gets included on these lists. Halo Infinite’s score is no different. Guardians of the Galaxy is a triple threat when it comes to music. There are licensed tracks from the 80s, the original score, plus more original music by the main character’s namesake band Star Lord. To round out our list of Best Video Game Soundtracks, we have Nier Replicant. This score makes use of human voices more than any other game, but masterfully fuses them with orchestra, acoustic guitar, and electronic music.

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