The Lullaby of Life Prepares Its Vocals for Release

A Symphony of Puzzles 

It’s time for the universe to begin. An explosion of harmonies, colors, and sounds await. Solving the mysteries of the universe begins with a single note. As a tiny little particle, with some musically inclined friends, there couldn’t be a better time to start. Today, developer 1 Simple Game and publisher Midwest Games are happy to announce that their musical puzzle game, The Lullaby of Life, is set to release in Q2 of 2024. Allowing players to take control of a tiny particle at the birth of the universe, the game lets players adventure through time and awaken a dormant universe with the musical currents that connect all things. Additionally, a press release provides more details. 

The Lullaby of Life

The Lullaby of Life introduces players to Bombo. Emerging alongside the birth of the universe, Bombo is travelling through an odyssey that ages with the universe itself. Alongside his friends, musically active particles named Ohmies, Bombo will solve puzzles, awaken Eldritch beings, and awaken the universe. Interestingly, players will use Bombo and the Ohmies to bring harmony wherever they go. Importantly, each Ohmie represents the foundational elements of life: construction, destruction, and conservation. Furthermore, players will use the elements to outsmart obstacles, open doors, and solve puzzles. 

“The Lullaby of Life is an artistic pursuit to tell the story of creation in a very experiential way, with almost zero language included,” Says 1 Simple Game Studio Director, Francisco Lara Sikorski, “we invite you to explore the origins of the universe…”

Of course, players can start pondering The Lullaby of Life in the new trailer.

The Lullaby of Life is set to release in Q2 of 2024 on Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, as well as PC via Steam.