Dread Hunger Serves Up a New Character in A Feast of Friends Update

A Feast of Friends or a Feast For Friends?

Digital Confectioners returns to the social deception genre with another new Dread Hunger update. This spooky game tasks eight players with surviving in the arctic–during the 1850s. The “A Feast of Friends” update adds the new Cook character to the game as well as other features.

Dread Hunger is pretty similar to games like Among Us, where players must work together to succeed. Unfortunately for everyone, two of those players are evil Thralls working against everyone else. That would be bad enough, but when the game takes place on an old-school arctic expedition, things can go south fast.

The new Dread Hunger update kicks off with a short trailer that showcases what players can expect from the Cook. He appears to be a red-faced, jolly older man with a friendly laugh, but certain shots imply this could be a facade. He handles raw meat in the introductory video, but it’s unclear where the meat came from.

Hunting for food, building fires to stay warm, and fending off predators will be key mechanics in Dread Hunger. Surviving in the Canadian Arctic is hard enough in the modern day, much less almost 200 years ago. The Cook’s presence could also make it easier to feed Explorers tainted food, though it might be easy to scapegoat him as well.

Also packed into the new Dread Hunger update is an upgrade for the game’s voice chat system using EOS technology. It now features higher-quality audio to allow players to better make out voice inflections. This could be the difference between being caught in a lie and getting away with it.

The developers have also added some new poker emotes designed to allow players to bluff, show despair at the cards they’ve been dealt, and generally have a good time during the pre-voyage poker game.

dread hunger feature

Dread Hunger will be available for PC on January 26, 2022. It is currently in Early Access.

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