Dread Hunger Advances the Social Deception Genre With Bad Medicine Update

You Are Who You Eat

The social deception genre has been booming recently, possibly inspired by the incredible success of the pandemic classic Among Us. Now, Dread Hunger, Digital Confectioners’ take on the multiplayer game of survival and betrayal, is getting a major update in advance of its final release date.

In this game, players take on the roles of eight Explorers on an 1850s Arctic exploration voyage. In order to survive, they must rely on each other, but two of them have a terrible secret: they aren’t Explorers at all. They’re Thralls, and they’re determined to sabotage the mission and slaughter everyone else. The new Bad Medicine update will give both sides a variety of new ways to come into conflict.

Although Dread Hunger is both a social deception game and a multiplayer action/adventure game, this update brings the social deception elements to the forefront by strengthening social gameplay and nerfing PvP combat. Also added are the new Armory area, new models for the Doctor and the tasty Hare, and a treasure trove of new achievements.

Key features include:

  • Survive the Arctic: Build fires to stay warm, fend off predators, and hunt for food to stay alive in the unforgiving Canadian Arctic 
  • Betray Your Friends: Feed them tainted food, lure animals to attack them, hex them with blood magic, or if all else fails… shoot them in the back and blame someone else 
  • Roleplay Your Character: Add flavor and personality to your character by using integrated voice chat and your in-game actions. Play as the Captain, Navigator, Engineer, Cook, Doctor, Chaplain, Royal Marine, Hunter, or Engineer, all equipped with a unique starting kit and passive ability. 
  • You Are What You Eat: In the Arctic, you must make grim choices to stay fed; butcher bodies and use the pieces as weapons—or food 
  • Captain a Ship: Steer a 19th century warship around (or into) icebergs and find coal for the ever-hungry boiler to keep the ship moving… or blow it up 
  • Brave a Perilous World: Plan around a full day and night cycle while trying to outrun a massive blizzard that looms over the expedition 
  • New Armory Secondary Crew Objective: The Armory can provide powerful weapons to Explorers or Thralls, depending on who manages to unlock it first 

Dread Hunger will be available for PC on November 10th, 2021. It is currently in Early Access.

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Source: Press Release