Among Us Fighting Game is Now a Thing That Exists

This Idea is Dumb And I Love It

Among Us has proven to be an especially popular social deduction game, the sort of thing that rewards a silver tongue and long-term planning. So it’s only natural that a fan-made game, Among Us Arena, taps into those same skills – with a fast-paced fighting game that rewards quick inputs and… wait, what?

fortnite among us gameplay

Yeah, Among Us isn’t your usual game. Its art style is hard to hate, and the gameplay loop makes for some enthralling videos – so even if you’re not a fan of social deduction games, you can probably find some way to enjoy the game. And now, fighting game fans have an even more direct path. This isn’t even the first appearance for Among Us’ cast in a fighting game, but now, they’ve got a whole system to themselves.

Among Us Arena is a free download hosted on, with the option to donate if you feel so inclined. You can choose from a wide range of characters: we have Red, Green, Pink… yeah they all play the same. I’m not sure why I expected anything different. Just like the original Among Us title, the tools you’re given are pretty simple: you’ve got a heavy and light attack, as well as a gun and knife. You’re also able to crouch and jump, neither of which restrict the moves you have available. But even with those basic tools, many players have been able to craft lengthy combos and air-juggles, making for some seriously stylish clips.

The game’s basic online functionality means you can even challenge friends to quick matches. Ever wanted to fight back against the imposter yourself? Think you could totally beat up that dumb little bean, if only the game offered a chance? Well, here you are.