Among Us Developers Reveal the New Roadmap in a Fast-Paced Trailer

No Time For Sleep, Only Tiny Spacemen

Indie studio Innersloth has been hard at work making their hit social game Among Us bigger and better, and today they showed off their plans for the future on the Summer Game Fest stream. Their new roadmap includes a new mode, new roles, new colors, a whole new map, and more, all of it presented in the form of an incredibly cute and fast-paced trailer. In fact, the trailer moves so quickly you may have to watch it more than once to catch everything they’re throwing at us. There’s a lot of information to process in the roadmap video, so keep reading for our take on all this new information.

As of now, Among Us has officially added the Airship map and basic accounts. On the horizon are 15 player support, a variety of new colors players will be able to paint their little spacemen, and an overall graphics update. However, Innersloth has big plans, and here they are, presented in no particular order: account linking between platforms, achievements, consoles, visor cosmetics, a fifth map, a new Hide ‘n’ Seek mode, and at least two new roles with their own accompanying ways to play.

We’re pretty thrilled about the new roles, which will include Sheriff–who we speculate is some kind of law enforcement officer who may be able to fight back against the Imposter or at least locate new clues to their identity–and the Scientist–who we speculate may be able to craft items or counter sabotage attempts. The announcement of Map 5 is also exciting, though at present the devs aren’t allowed to show it off. As the cherry on top, the Geoff Keighley Among Us Mask is back, which you can receive for tuning into the Summer Game Fest kick-off ceremony on Twitch.

That’s a lot of stuff on Innersloth’s plate. We hope the devs are taking care of themselves as well as their game.

Among Us Map

Among Us is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, mobile, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PS4, and PS5.

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